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The self-conception of a modern market gardening has changed. It is no longer only grower but also service provider.
The relationship between customer and supplier has become a partnership.

The one who is able to create economical factores in a positive way with its partners, turnover rate, locational advantage, flexibility etc., will be the beneficiary.

Product Information

Product training for garden centers

Together with our customers and in line with the market we develop concepts:

Banner, potcover, individual labels

We take care of the print and the assembly or use a provided branding of our partner. 

We benefit from our experience to plan the sale together with our customers with the right quantities. 

Due to Mix – Containers the point of sale,

benefits to minimize remainders,

takes the variety for granted,

reduces costs of freight,

and raise the sales.

The consignment of the varietes and the particular pot sizes is dealed with us. 

The horticulturist Hubert Janßen was founded in 1964 by Matthias and Margarethe Janßen. During the first years vegetables, cut flowers, potted plants and heather plants have been cultivated. The actual range has been changed…more

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