"Generations indebted to nature and quality"

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The wide variety of nature of the “Niederrhein” offers best requirements for all middle class persons of horticulture. This creates a good infrastructure for production, sales and logistics. In this situation, we as a family establishment are asked to transfer these chances into the best operating results.


In our region where horticulture is really popular, we are obliged to employ well trained staff and in this way we are as well obliged to extend their qualifications.


Nearer than other companies we realize a collaboration to grower and developer. We take part of product placements and innovation tests. This is why we always are one of the first with new publications. The high diversity through the last years is taken for granted.


We do not have customers, we are working with our partners. Behind this you can find a philosophy of listening and good collaboration. We work together to raise the sales figures of our partners by searching for solutions for the requests of the market. At eye level with our partners we share risk and reward success.


Everyone says: “We produce quality”, but the horticulture is a sector where quality is really obviously, direct and absolutely necessary. The quality has a direct influence on the stability of each customer relastionship, upgrowth and investment volume. We are proud to provide now an insight into our activities.

Gartenbau Janßen, situated in Kevelaer – Twisteden is already known for its high potential, new products and its huge variety. The next generation is already involved, still with the same power as their parents have. Each of the brothers and sisters, Raphael, Marek and Lavinia Janßen is working in the family business. Together they divided the fields responsibility according to their own abilities, knowledges and interests.

Everyone who has been infected with the enthusiasm of Hubert Janßen, is of the opinion that the world offers more chances than risks. Both of his two sons are trained gardener masterfully and are already full established in the company. Moreover Raphael is as well responsible for his own operation of seedlings. This company is not only working for the own production but as well as for other producers, one half each. As manager, Marek is responsible for the production as well as for an innovative and environmentally sustainable representation. Furthermore he is also responsible to qualify actually three young trainees within the company. Their younger sister, Lavinia, will finish her trainee for large and foreign trade clerk. She will start working in the family business next summer. Then, she will take care of administration, sales and marketing.

Since many years, their parents, Gabi and Hubert, demonstrate with a lot of power and creativity, that life as horticulturist can be very successful. The market gardening benefits of a dynamically development within the last years and cultivates approximately 23ha outdoor and 3ha indoor.

The variety of products contains about 40 different articles. Within this product range both innovations POTTBURRI and BEATLES should especially be highlighted.

After Hubert Janßen, the whole BEAUTY LADIES group with its open communication, is an important recipe of success. This is how Raphael and Marek Janßen would like to continue within the young group of the next generation. During the next years it is save, that we will hear further positive facts of Gartenbau Janßen in the world of “Beauty Ladies”

“Generations indebted to nature and quality”

qualified Employees

modern Greenhouses


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