"Generations indebted to nature and quality"

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The wide variety of nature of the “Niederrhein” offers best requirements for all middle class persons of horticulture. This creates a good infrastructure for production, sales and logistics. In this situation, we as a family establishment are asked to transfer these chances into the best operating results.


In our region where horticulture is really popular, we are obliged to employ well trained staff and in this way we are as well obliged to extend their qualifications.


Nearer than other companies we realize a collaboration to grower and developer. We take part of product placements and innovation tests. This is why we always are one of the first with new publications. The high diversity through the last years is taken for granted.


We do not have customers, we are working with our partners. Behind this you can find a philosophy of listening and good collaboration. We work together to raise the sales figures of our partners by searching for solutions for the requests of the market. At eye level with our partners we share risk and reward success.


Everyone says: “We produce quality”, but the horticulture is a sector where quality is really obviously, direct and absolutely necessary. The quality has a direct influence on the stability of each customer relastionship, upgrowth and investment volume. We are proud to provide now an insight into our activities.


The horticulturist Hubert Janßen was founded in 1964 by Matthias and Margarethe Janßen. During the first years vegetables, cut flowers, potted plants and heather plants have been cultivated. The actual range has been changed into modern concepts of varieties and colour combinations on the sector of potted plants.

In 1998 the company has been transferred to Hubert & Gabi Janßen, who still operate the business with their son Raphael. The future of the company is for granted as the second son Marek recently started to work in the parental plant.

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The company has grown from 1000 m² up to 30000 m² greenhouse area and from 3 up to 35 employees. Gartenbau Janßen is actually growing on 21 ha outdoor footprint.

Next to future orientation, the company would like to increase their range of varieties, the greenhouse area and a modernization of the machines and the surface.

“Generations indebted to nature and quality”

qualified Employees

modern Greenhouses


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The self-conception of a modern market gardening has changed. It is no longer only grower but also service provider.
The relationship between customer and supplier has become a partnership. The one who is able to create economical factores

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