Calluna "Beauty Ladies"

Calluna Vulgaris der Marke „Beauty Ladies“ :

Calluna vulgaris of the “Beauty Ladies” label is the main product of our company. There are two licensers on the sector of Calluna vulgaris. Beauty Ladies is the recent of both labels. Within only a few years new standards were placed towards the older label concerning innovation, quality and range of products. The licenser makes high demands towards the producer. Due to the excellent work in our company we could take more licenses than most of our competitors.

Seastar Calluna


Various Kobinationen and pot sizes


Twins, Trios, Colour Crown, Beatles, Quattros & HighFive


Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavandula angustifolia: Since thousands of years, Lavender is known as a medical plant and is more and more appreciated as ornamental plant today. It is the top-selling perennial herb across Europe. Due to the essential oils of the lavender it becomes really attractive for many applications. The enchanting perfume or stylish decoration in a bowl let a florists heart beat faster. Planted in a garden, our hardy varieties are real eye-catcher from the middle May until the end of June.

Dianthus caryophyllus “Sunflor”: During the summer season we grow diverse types of the brand “Sunflor”, which is characterized of a high variety of colours and compactness. The “Sunflor” are very solid, for the use inside and outside what makes it really popular with its customers.
Our enthusiasm towards Dianthus caryophyllus has led us to create our own variety “Royal Flash”. As this name already implies, we show a right touch on this sector.

Erica ventricosa: also called “wax heather” is a South African variety of heather and distinguishes itself by its special flower shape. Due to its very long blooming period and the fact that it is partially hardy, it is very often used as presentation element.


Calluna vulgaris seedling of the “Beauty Ladies” label.

As we have a special attention on quality, we grow our own seedling of the Beauty Ladies label.

In this way we know our products from the beginning and are aware of their characteristics.

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